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Re: Assange and NSA

On 2014-06-01, Bzzz <lazyvirus@gmx.com> wrote:
>> There are 13 root servers, all over the world.  Root servers are
>> owned by various organizations and managed by ICANN.  The US
>> Department of Commerce has nothing to do with them.
> No, there are hundreds of them.
> http://blog.icann.org/2007/11/there-are-not-13-root-servers/
  Root server addresses

  As of February 2013, there are 13 root name servers specified, with
  names in the form letter.root-servers.net, where letter ranges from A
  to M. This does not mean there are 13 physical servers; each operator
  uses redundant computer equipment to provide reliable service even if
  failure of hardware or software occurs. Additionally, nine of the
  servers operate in multiple geographical locations using a routing
  technique called anycast addressing, providing increased performance
  and even more fault tolerance.

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