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Re: UEFI install

So I can just do a file copy in Windows of the .iso to the thumb drive?  Not actually extracting the iso image?  I will try that later tonite, but also seems odd to me that it would work. 

From: Jeremy T. Bouse <jbouse@debian.org>
To: Theodore Alcapotaxis <theotaxis@mail.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 12:07
Subject: Re: UEFI install

On 23.04.2014 14:57, Theodore Alcapotaxis wrote:

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>> From: Steve McIntyre
>> Sent: 04/23/14 10:25 PM
>> To: Corey Blair
>> Subject: Re: UEFI install
>> Gah, yet another person using unetbootin. It's responsible for a lot
>> of problem reports we're seeing these days. It's totally unnecessary
>> unetbootin will not start the installer in the right way, and AFAIK
>> won't do the right things with UEFI either.
> Well, I have to disagree with you.
> I have been using Unetbootin for the past two years to "burn" Linux
> distros such as Debian (Squeeze and Wheezy), Ubuntu (from versions 12
> to 13) and Linux Mint on to a USB flash/thumb drive and then using it
> to install on to my hard disk drive without even a single problem.

I've got 2 laptops I've recently installed with Debian 7.4 using a UEFI
from a bootable USB. I found unetbootin was useless though I'd used it
before in the past to make boot USB. In this instance I simply 'cp
debian-7.4.iso /dev/sdX' where /dev/sdX was my USB drive. Seemed odd
just doing a cp but it actually worked flawlessly and was what I found
the release notes recommended. In the case of one of my laptops I then
had to immediately upgrade to Jessie to get certain hardware working
given the new hardware devices it had.

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