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Re: UEFI install

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> From: Steve McIntyre
> Sent: 04/23/14 10:25 PM
> To: Corey Blair
> Subject: Re: UEFI install

> Gah, yet another person using unetbootin. It's responsible for a lot of problem reports we're seeing these days. It's totally unnecessary
> unetbootin will not start the installer in the right way, and AFAIK won't do the right things with UEFI either.

Well, I have to disagree with you.

I have been using Unetbootin for the past two years to "burn" Linux distros such as Debian (Squeeze and Wheezy), Ubuntu (from versions 12 to 13) and Linux Mint on to a USB flash/thumb drive and then using it to install on to my hard disk drive without even a single problem.

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