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Re: Bug #693630: Dconf unknown method 'Change'

Le 23.04.2014 15:33, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
The idea of make a configuration file a binary file is the most serious bug of dconf. It's bad by design and when ever possible, we should avoid using software that needs dconf. As user use an editor that is dependent to dconf, to edit a file with root privileges and than try to use a MUA that's dependent to dconf, by the same user. You likely will experience
another bug by design, a privileges issue. In the future expect more
insanity caused by the GNOME/GTK think tank.

You know, I think exactly the same ( I'm quite fond of minimal systems, because, they are lighter, contains less bugs because less code, and when a problem occur, it is easier to solve... oh, and it's faster to download them, too :p ), plus some other stuff about things which depends on dbus ( using XML everywhere is... hum... no, I will refrain myself here ).

I just avoided speaking about those, because James might not be used to the mailing-list's discussions about bloat-wares, gnome, systemd, etc...

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