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Re: Media changed: please insert the disk labeled 'Debian GNU/Linux 7.4.0 _Wheezy_

> There is nothing for you to do; you have achieved your objective and updated your sources.list. The bug appears to be fixed in Jessie.

OMG, far from it, I have yet to achieve my objective, which is to install essential packages such as xorg, gnome-core or gnome-full off the USB flash/thumb drive without the need to access the internet. Certainly, I did learn something useful from you, such as apt-cdrom, dmesg and the mount point of a USB stick.

I have some questions:

1. When will the next Debian version (codename: Jessie) be released?

2. I read on the internet that there is long-term support (LTS) being planned for Wheezy. If such is the case, do you not agree that the bug mentioned in my original post should be fixed in Wheezy too? Moreover between now and the official release date of Jessie is a period of more than 10 months. I understand that Debian 7.5 is being planned for release in early May. I would strongly recommend that Debian developers issue a fix for the bug before then.

3. Who shall I contact to ask Debian developers/maintainers to issue a fix for the bug for Wheezy? Are you one of them? Could you escalate the issue on my behalf?

I happened to google for a solution to the bug today and it appears that on AskUbuntu's forum, many users also encounter the same bug. So it isn't just Debian users; Ubuntu users are affected too.

I really appreciate your help all this while.

P.S.: If you are one of the developers/maintainers, it would be good if you could help us (users) out.

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