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Re: Media changed: please insert the disk labeled 'Debian GNU/Linux 7.4.0 _Wheezy_

On Mi, 23 apr 14, 09:46:52, Theodore Alcapotaxis wrote:
> 1. When will the next Debian version (codename: Jessie) be released?
Jessie will be frozen on 5th of November. If everything goes well the 
release could happen early 2015.

> 2. I read on the internet that there is long-term support (LTS) being 
> planned for Wheezy. 

For squeeze, not wheezy. The decision for wheeze will be taken based on 
how good or bad it worked out with squeeze.

> 3. Who shall I contact to ask Debian developers/maintainers to issue a 
> fix for the bug for Wheezy? 

This should be done by or at least in coordination with the package 
maintainer. I didn't follow the thread very closely, could you please 
tell me which bug (number) is this?

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