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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

Hi there

Brian wrote:

There is a Generic Postscript Printer PPD which I use with a 2200DN. It
does 1200x1200. I'm not sure the difference between that and 600x600 is
at all obvious.

I my experience the difference is vast when dithering grey tones.
Anyway, if you can't find a ppd which supports all your printer's features and capabilities in a standard (Debian) repository, get it from somewhere else. For instance from the CD that came with your printer. And you don't need Windows or Mac OS X to do that. There are lots of Linux utils to assist you. Some hints;
I just mounted the CD and grepped the entire disk for 'ppd'. Used cabextract to get the ppds and then selected the English language one. I don't remember if I used dos2unix. One may need to check the end-of-line char. If you look for 'OpenUI' in the ppd (it's a text file), you can find all the options.


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