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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

On 2014-04-18, wobbly-hs <wobbly@happysheep.me.uk> wrote:
> But shock / amazement!..
> hpijs does work - I thought I'd tried it already but maybe I'd copied the
> ppd or something, this time a clean ppd seems to work (but only runs at 600 dpi
> rather than 1200)

A known limitation, it seems.

> Foomatic/pxlmono works better quality but very slowly

> Previously (debian 6) I was using the postscript driver OK.
> thanks for your advice.


(I wanted to view the discussion thread also but was asked to log in to
"Disqus", whatever the hell that is, and I don't feel logging in I feel
like opting out).

Même l’avenir n’est plus ce qu’il était. 
(Even the future isn't what it used to be).
- Paul Valéry

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