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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

On Friday 18 April 2014 18:56:55 wobbly-hs wrote:
> Lisi Reisz asked:
> >It would be interesting to know what your current problem is.  You
> > only vaguely mention that it is something to do with printing.
> So to answer that, following a routine install of Wheezy xfce
> edition, other programs were installed but nothing specifically for
> printing as far as I'm aware.  A printer was installed using hplip.
> This would not print because of the bug already discussed. After
> installing the private backport it prints libreoffice documents,
> but there is trouble printing PDF files.  Some don't print at all,
> some print just error messages, others print a fraction of the page
> and stop.  In all cases there is a very long delay before anything
> comes out of the printer.  A test PDF that would not print came out
> successfully and quickly when printed from a live version of Fedora
> 19, so I think I've ruled out hardware problems.  I read somewhere
> there were similar problems with migration to ghostprint but that
> concerned a different distro, so can't say if that is the cause
> here.

Thanks.  Have you said which printer?  If so, I have missed it.  It is 
likely to be relevant.  I have absolutely no problems with my 
Samsung, nor with other Samsungs I have installed for other people, 
nor with HPs of various types that I have installed.  And PDFs print 
fine, as does everything else.

Are you using CUPS?  If HPLIP doesn't work, have you tried hpijs?  

There may, of course, be a problem with Xfce that I don't know about.  
All the Wheezy systems I administer are running Trinity  
But Wheezy certainly does  not in general have printing problems.


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