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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

Thanks all for your taking the time to comment on my questions

Brian pointed to the new backport 
1.9.63-1~bpo70+1: amd64

This looks very much like the same thing I'd produced as a
private backport which I installed: 

Lisi Reisz asked:
>It would be interesting to know what your current problem is.  You only vaguely
>mention that it is something to do with printing.

So to answer that, following a routine install of Wheezy xfce edition, other
programs were installed but nothing specifically for printing as far as I'm
aware.  A printer was installed using hplip. This would not print because of
the bug already discussed. After installing the private backport it prints
libreoffice documents, but there is trouble printing PDF files.  Some don't
print at all, some print just error messages, others print a fraction of the
page and stop.  In all cases there is a very long delay before anything comes
out of the printer.  A test PDF that would not print came out successfully and
quickly when printed from a live version of Fedora 19, so I think I've ruled
out hardware problems.  I read somewhere there were similar problems with
migration to ghostprint but that concerned a different distro, so can't say if
that is the cause here.

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