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Re: Heartbleed

On 19/04/2014 3:09 AM, Robert Holtzman wrote:
> But, but, you would deprive Apple of that $5.99? Commie!!! 

I must be too, because I have trouble supporting the whole, 'apple
*always( gets a cut' deal together with 'apple users will pay more or
something, when others may not pay at all' ...  Personally, I think that
the Apple cut of the pie in sales of Apps is far too greedy!  Forget
about what the dev gets for their trouble, but Apple devs have also
/traditionally/ got more from the deal than using an alternative eco-system.

Actually, websites are known to give different prices /sometimes/ for
people detected to be coming from an iDevice world because most typical
Apple users will pay more whether they know it or not.


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