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Re: Sun/Oracle Java

On 19/04/2014 12:21 AM, Oliver Fairhall wrote:
> On 17/04/14 10:13, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> The "presumption" was made that the majority of readers, including the
>> OP, would have the basic intelligence necessary to differentiate between
>> the instructions to use "the latest java package" and an *example* using
>> "an example version".
>> ...
>> Regards.
> It's all good mate, I got the idea. Your instructions really were useful
> for me, and having the 'example' specified for an older version is not
> an issue at all, imo.

Yes, fair enough from me too, sorry for the noise.  Sometimes though, it
helps when there is a chance that something so simple would be missed by
someone ... anyone, to just point out a potential problem /may/ or /may
not/ have helped.


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