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Re: No windows decoration only on some apps

On 14/04/14 16:26, Reco wrote:

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 12:46:52PM +0100, José Silva wrote:

I have a sid system since a long time and I'm very happy with it. It
started using gnome 2 when I switched from MS but now has xfce and
compiz using the common Glossy theme.

Since a few weeks, some applications ceased to show windows
decorations, or at least not having the configured Glossy theme,
namely: file-roller, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-disks, among
Can somebody please help, preferably not telling me to install all
that gnome stuff again?

Most possibly this behaviour is connected to the fact that sid (and
testing) moved to Gtk+ 3.12 (see [1] for an upstream explanation).

The change itself is that Gtk+ application asks window manager to hide
WM-provided window decoration just to draw it's own, GTK specific.

Thank you for the explanation, now I understand what's going on.

And, given that upstream ever bothered testing Gtk+ with their mutter
window manager only, such change broke Gtk+ with other window managers
(see [2] for the details).

Still on same path, nothing new.

In the case of [2] it is claimed that Gtk+ 3.12.1 fixes this somehow.

Now, [2] talks about xfwm window manager (and in xfwm's case decorations
are drawn twice), you have none, but if I was you I'd:

1) Tried a different window manager. Say, openbox.

I love compiz, very flexible on configurations; the feature I would miss the most would be the softness when changing workarea, I use it several times a minute, I don't like minimizing nor switching windows, I switch workareas instead, containing different job contexts.

2) Tried to patch Gtk+ with [3].

Too troublesome for the result achieved.

3) Stopped using Gtk+ 3 applications at all.

Also difficult, there are apps difficult to replace without a loss, for instance, gnome-system-monitor and file-roller. In these cases, I can live with the graphic ugliness.

Personally I'm using third approach.

[1] http://blogs.gnome.org/mclasen/2014/01/13/client-side-decorations-continued/
[2] http://redmine.audacious-media-player.org/boards/1/topics/1135?r=1140
[3] http://redmine.audacious-media-player.org/attachments/download/356/gtkiconcache.c.diff


Thank you again,

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