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Re: Using wheezy-backports, advice needed

On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 04:58:56PM +0100, Martin Read wrote:
> As Lisi Reisz notes, findutils is not in wheezy-backports. A search on
> packages.debian.org reveals that a package of findutils 4.5.12 was created
> for experimental on 2013-09-28, but for whatever reason the maintainer has
> not acted to put any of the 4.5.x versions (the first 4.5.x version to land
> in experimental was 4.5.7, created on 2010-04-03) of findutils into
> unstable.

findutils 4.5.x is considered alpha by its developers. As such, the
Debian package maintainer understandably only uploads those releases to

The latest upstream release still is 4.4.2, cf.

@Paul: Has the bug you encountered already been reported to the BTS? If
so, you might want to add some detail to it, e.g. the hint that it is
supposedly fixed in 4.5.10. If not, you might want to file a bugreport.


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