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Re: Using wheezy-backports, advice needed

On 11/04/14 16:23, Paul E Condon wrote:
This is pretty clear indication that wheezy-backports won't help,
Or did I make a mistake? What mistake?
An alternative source of findutils that fits with Wheezy? Where? How?

You don't appear to have made a mistake.

As Lisi Reisz notes, findutils is not in wheezy-backports. A search on packages.debian.org reveals that a package of findutils 4.5.12 was created for experimental on 2013-09-28, but for whatever reason the maintainer has not acted to put any of the 4.5.x versions (the first 4.5.x version to land in experimental was 4.5.7, created on 2010-04-03) of findutils into unstable.

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