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Re: Ways to use DDNS with your own domain name (was Re: DynDNS no longer free.)

Nuno Magalhães grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 5:19 PM, David Guntner <david@guntner.com> wrote:
>> Presto!  Now when you try to access your home machine, you can simply
>> refer to mydomain.org and it will point you to the correct place.
> Er... mydomain.org, being a *.TLD, will most likely be a *paid*
> domain, hence defeating the purpose (OP asked for a *free* (as in of
> charge, i interpreted) solution).

Domain names typically aren't free, even if you can find a free DDNS
service that will handle your domain name (as opposed to them just
letting you pick a hostname to use as a subdomain under one of their
supported domains).

Please notice how the subject line was changed to indicate the
branch-off from that original conversation (related, but a segway), per
the normal conventions.  It says how to use DDNS with your own domain name.

> If you're gonna pay, choose a registrar that allows you to modify
> anything about your mydomain.org and supports dynamic DNS. There are a
> few, joker.com for starters (12 $USD per year seems reasonable to me).
> No need for DynDNS or similar then.
> My 2¢

Not every registrar supports DDNS.  I'd guess that most of them don't.
Since people like to choose who they use for whatever service they use,
what I suggested works just fine.  If you've *got* a domain already
registered to you but don't want to change registrars (which can be a
pain) just to be able to use one that has DDNS support, the method I
suggested does the job.

If you're already ON such a registrar, then you don't need to do
anything other than what you're already doing with them, so you wouldn't
be in a "what do I do about DDNS for my domain" situation and thus my
suggested solution doesn't apply to you. :-)

(That's a generic "you," not you specifically.)


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