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Re: mirroring debian-security, sharing package pool with stable/testing/sid pool

On Friday 11 April 2014 03:46:49 Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> In my foggy memory, that at least for debian stable, I seem to
> remember something about security updates all get collected up,
> possibly with other updates (??) and they become the next stable
> point release.

Erm... No!  I can accept that point releases contain all security 
updates since the previous point release, but you certainly don't 
have to wait until then.  Security updates are released as soon as 
they are available.  Provided that one has the security repositories 
in one's sources.list, security updates will be downloaded, and 
installed as soon as one does an upgrade.  ("One" is very clumsy in 
English, but in this case I felt that the second person would appear 
to target Zenaan.)


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