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Re: mirroring debian-security, sharing package pool with stable/testing/sid pool

On 4/11/14, Zenaan Harkness <zen@freedbms.net> wrote:
> Thus my question:
> Is it possible to use debmirror, to mirror stable,testing,sid as well
> as debian-security for stable and testing, and have them all share the
> same package pool?

In particular, for example, I stopped my initial debian-security (off
of aarnet mirror) debmirror run, after about 20 package downloads,
since I realised it said ~9GiB to download.

Just now I checked one package, with results as follows:
Just downloaded:
nice /usr/bin/debmirror --diff=mirror --md5sums
--rsync-extra=trace,doc,tools --exclude='/Translation-.*\.bz2$'
--include='/Translation-en.*\.bz2$' --verbose --progress
--arch=amd64,i386,armhf --section=main,contrib,non-free
--dist=wheezy/updates,jessie/updates --host=mirror.aarnet.edu.au
--method=ftp --root=pub/debian-security /public/debian/debian-security
Files to download: 9793 MiB
[  0%] Getting: pool/updates/main/a/a2ps/a2ps_4.14-1.1+deb7u1.diff.gz    #
[  0%] Getting:

And when I check my main repos package pool:
$ find /public/debian/debian/|grep asterisk-config

and we see, the second result of my grep is the same package that was
just downloaded for debian-security.

Such inefficiency shall NOT be tolerated!


I guess another way to answer my question is: what is the time lapse
for packages to "migrate" from debian security repo, to regular debian

If automatically part of the next 24-hour (or less) 'catch up' then
there is no point my creating a local security repo.

Advice on this issue will be appreciated,

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