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Re: Re: etckeeper - keeping /etc under version control

At now "svn create .svn directory in all subirectories" isn't true. Version 1.8.8 svn creates only ONE .svn directory in root repo directory.
Then now this is good provider for etckeeper.
Another problem, git is more complicated when we work on external repository. This is needed for restoring configuration when server completly fire. Other way, git keeps all versions in local directory. This takes place in /etc/ directory. I know, I can move .git everywere and symlink it.

SVN keeps all on external directory. This is better behavior for etckeeper.

The last one. SVN can store data in external svn directory. Unfortunately GIT can't works like that.

Then I'm strongly waiting for subversion support in etckeeper. It looks easy to make it :)

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