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Swapd0 - viewnior..........

In case it helps anyone:

Since the last update of Debian Jessie today, geeqie didn't work
properly, showing only the first graphic in any directory. So, looking
for a different working graphics viewer, installed viewnior.

But didn't like it much and installed gwenview as well. Which is all

But suddenly I was getting hit with one or the other of my CPU cores
having 100% usage taken up by swapd0 and this was vexatious.

Read a lot about swapd0 on the web which was not enlightening in any
way, so thought seeing it started after I installed viewnior, though I
would purge it.

I wasn't using it at all so couldn't see how it might affect the CPU
usage. But decided to purge it at any rate.

So I purged viewnior and no more swapd0 problems, no more taking over
one of the CPU cores.

Just in case it helps someone in the future.

Be well,

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