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Re: About to format the whole laptop, need some partitioning advice.

> Assumptions cannot necessarily be proven wrong.
> Please prove your assumption is right. If you attempt to do this, you
> will find your assumption is wrong.
> Also: How do you do upgrade on Debian?
> Answer this, and you will also prove yourself wrong.
> So, the job of proving is for the student :)
>>> Sounds like you might have some other problem though. Your current
>>> partition setup should not be a _performance_ problem as far as I can
>>> tell, although I would consider it a disk flexibility problem for
>>> sure.
>>> If you really want multiple partitions (besides a separate /boot) then
>>> LVM is your friend - and it future or if you're adventurous, BTRFS
>>> instead.
>> The HDD I have in my laptop has somewhat low rpms, maybe that's
>> the issue?
>> Its a sata HDD with 5400 rpms!
> I dunno - may be you used to use a Dekstop with SSD.
> Why do you say it is "slow"?

Because when my computer boots up, it takes like 25 seconds more
to get started after entering the username and password. That is 25 seconds
of more wait after logging in.

>>> But WHY do you want them on separate partitions? XY problem?
>> Already answered you above.
> My suggestions/questions are to assist you to find your own answers.
> If you can't answer the "why" you want separate partitions, with
> knowledge and/ or experience, then you are making an assumption, and
> may be you are better to accept someone else's assumption or
> experience...
> May be you read something, but you didn't say, so can't help you further sorry.

If I messed up my system and want to restore back to a clean state, I can keep
my /home intact? And maybe preserve the data? Not everybody has access
to portable
HDDs for backup, do they?
Anubhav Yadav
Imperial College of Engineering and Research,

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