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Re: ssh login problem from one particular client

On Thu, 2014-01-23 at 14:07 -0600, Craig L. wrote:
> I have a couple of VMs running on a remote server: one with an older version of
> Ubuntu, and one running wheezy. I have an ssh tunnel with X forwarding set up
> so that I can access the machines from my system as localhost
> (ssh -p 48828 user@localhost and ssh -p 48829 user@localhost).
> Yesterday I opened Firefox on the Ubuntu box and was dragging the window to
> move it, when it suddenly disappeared. In my connection terminal the message
> "write failed, broken pipe" appeared, and the connection to the remote server
> was gone.
> When I tried to reconnect, it took almost 60 seconds for the password prompt to
> show up. Ever since then this problem occurs from my machine to either of the
> VMs. I can ssh into the host server and from there ssh into either VM, and I get
> a password prompt immediately. Today I fired up a VM on my local machine,
> created the tunnel through the server to one of the remote VMs, and tried to
> ssh in. The password prompt appeared immediately.
> In all cases, once I log in everything responds immediately as expected. It is
> just the login prompt that is a problem. The remote machines all have
> UseDNS = no set, and everything has worked fine for several months until this
> problem yesterday.
> So it looks like the problem is something that has changed on my local machine,
> but I have no idea what, or where to begin. We have been having intermittent
> network issues between here and the building that houses the remote server, and
> that is probably what caused the initial connection loss. But I wouldn't think
> severing a connection would cause this subsequent problem. Since the server is
> on a remote VM I don't think I can ssh in and then run the server in the
> foreground to watch it run, can I? I have checked the logs on both ends, but
> nothing looks abnormal to me. The only thing I have not tried is rebooting my
> machine, but that's so windows and probably not necessary. So I've turned to
> y'all for a clue as to how to troubleshoot this issue.
> Thanks,
> Craig

nmap -sS -P0 -v --traceroute -sV -R -p$PORTNUM $server_ip

is what I'd do first. Try this same command from a couple of different
networks and see if there is some kind of unusual machine in your way.
Maybe change the key + machine used in the reverse connection and test
to see if problem persists?

André N. Batista

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