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Re: Security?


Dňa Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:44:42 +0200 Ralf Mardorf
<ralf.mardorf@alice-dsl.net> napísal:

> On Thu, 2013-09-12 at 12:08 -0300, Beco wrote:
> > Nice this startpage. I'm recommending to my students.
> I'm satisfied with it too :). We now have to trust
> https://startpage.com/ by ixquick, that their claims are true. But I
> never heard anything bad about ixquick. IMO startpage is better than

Yes, it seems to be a nice page, but i find very strange behavior by
this in my Opera:

1, I add startpage.com as Opera's search engine
2, I set the startpage.com as my default search engine
3, I type something in the address bar - search is via startpage as
4. I close the Opera and then start it again
5. Default search engine is back to google

I tried several ways:

1, delete (rename) my ~/.opera dir
2, change the Google's search engine address to startpage
3, manually replace the googles's item in ~/.opera/search.ini (to
   preserve unique ID)
4, delete the Google search item

All without success. After Opera restart, the google is always back and
it is the default search engine, despite that it is not in my
search.ini now.

Can, please someone confirm this behavior? Or better, please, know
someone solution (other than change browser as yet) to prevent
resurrection of the Google search in Opera?



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