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Re: PCI Express 2.0 SATA 3 host bus adapter

On 07/10/13 23:12, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

On 07/11/13 09:25, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

Thank you both for your insights.  :-)

Stan - I assume you mean the Adaptec 6405E:


That looks like a nice card, and Adaptec is a name I respect. I infer from your posts that to use the product correctly, I should buy matching HDD's, after checking Adaptec's compatibility report?


Do you have any experience with the Hybrid RAID mode?

Henrique - your arguments regarding software RAID and mixed drives make sense from a single-point-of-failure viewpoint. Do you consider SATA drives okay for workstation/SOHO server use, or should I go with SAS?

Does anybody have any comments or recommendations for inexpensive 2- or 4-port SATA3 HBA's (or SATA2 HBA's, or SATA[123] RAID cards used as HBA's), such as products made by SIIG or Promise?




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