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Re: PCI Express 2.0 SATA 3 host bus adapter

On 07/10/13 17:04, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
LSI HBAs are acknowledged as the most Linux compatible/friendly and
highest performance HBAs/RAID cards available.  The 9211-4i is the least
expensive HBA in their lineup, a PCIe 2.0 x4 card w/4 ports.

Thanks for the reply.  I see you still favor LSI products:


The lone amazon.com review for the 9211-4i ($163.03) states:


This product doesn't have the support that the LSI 9240 Megaraid card does. The Megaraid is the same brand, controls the same stuff and at about the same price but is much better supported. I would suggest checking this out before buying.

The 9240-4i is ~10% more money ($180.99), but this review makes me wonder:


... I finally learned that this card, the 9240-4i has major issues with RAID 5 performance. ... unable to get writes over 30-50MB/second, ... you[r] best bet is to spend the extra bucks and get the 9260-4i, which has onboard cache and provides high performance in all configs...

The 9260-4i ($302.32) is almost twice the money.

Initially, I plan to use the card for an internal 3 TB HDD (for data). At some point in the future, I may buy one or two additional HDD and use hardware RAID.

What do you think of the 9240-4i and 9260-4i? (I don't have enough bays to justify an *-8i product.)


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