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Re: Dot files, get them out of the way

On Mon, 2013-07-08 at 14:28 -0600, Matthew Moore wrote:
> Arch had a package called "libetc" that did exactly what you want, but
> its been unmaintained for years now. Someone forked it, though, and
> people on the Arch forums seem to have it working:
> https://github.com/sloonz/rewritefs
> I've never used it before.

Interesting, when I make music I would like to have the dot files that
usually should be in /home, in a music production directory, because the
configurations do change for different audio productions and I want to
be able to restore such an audio session by a script.

Fortunately Arch at the moment is my preferred distro, perhaps I'll test
it too, however on Arch there also is the need to compile it:

[rocketmouse@archlinux avlinux]$ yaourt -S rewritefs
error: target not found: rewritefs
[rocketmouse@archlinux avlinux]$ yaourt -S libetc
Comment by Sloonz  (2010-12-22 11:39)
Note : libetc is unmaintained (both in AUR and upstream). You can use
rewritefs instead.

libetc 0.4-2  (Mon Mar 24 16:51:29 CET 2008)
This package is orphaned
( Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous ! )

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