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Re: MUA & Yahoo Mail (WAS:Re: Dist-upgrade or upgrade. Which?)

> From: Brad Rogers <brad@fineby.me.uk>
> On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:33:45 -0700 (PDT)
> Patrick Bartek <bartek047@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Patrick,
>> As far as I understand, with the free Yahoo Mail that I use, you're not
>> able to use a traditional MUA.  It's browser-based only. However, if
>> you use the "pay" version, which is IMAP or POP-based, you can use 
> any
>> MUA you want.
> I never paid yahoo a penny, and was able to use a real MUA without
> problem.

How?  What MUA did you use?  When I initially set up my Yahoo Mail accounts (I have several)--this was years ago--there was no option with the free accounts for POP3 or IMAP.  It was specifically said that if you wanted it, you could, for a small yearly fee--I think it was $20 or $25 US--get it.

I've just been to one of my Yahoo accounts and I can't find any info on POP or SMTP server names, etc.  Maybe, Yahoo is different in the UK.  I'll continue to investigate.


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