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Re: rootfs

Am Samstag, 20. April 2013 schrieb Kevin Chadwick:
> > > Don't believe opinion as fact just because it's on a server hosted
> > > by freedesktop.org. Rusty Russel and the FHS is a more
> > > authoritative (and correct) source, I suggest you read it.
> > 
> > I never split up / and /usr for the last century or so and they are
> > all working fine.
> Wow, your 100 years old and you haven't understood the FHS yet ;-)

What do you intend by taking my exaggeration word for word literately while 
it is quite likely that I am not 100 years old?

> Working is not best practice.

FHS is not mandatory for best practice either.

A standard is still an oppinion, although backed by more than one person.

In practice I found more issues with systems that have /usr splitted up than 
with those that do not. Especially if /usr has been made to small. Its one 
more chance to mis-estimate partition sizes.

If you intend to continue the discussion on the assumption that you are 
right and I am wrong without accepting that different people can have 
different oppinions about this topic, feel free to do so, but *without* me.

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