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Re: .wav to text?

> Thank you for the pointer, but I just need to update my local repo as
> I usually do. I actually was just intrigued as to why I could not find
> this package on packages.d.o (and neither in my local repo), that's
> all. It is evidently just hitting the repos. Very cool to see libre
> debian-packaged speech recognition software :)
> Perhaps I shall want it one day.
> Thanks again,
> Zenaan

You can do "apt-get -d install packagewhatever" from unstable. This will only 
download, but NOT install. Once the packages are on your computer, remove the 
entries of unstable in sources.list. Now you can install these packages 
manually with "dpkg -i packagename.deb"

You can then apt-get update again and then update as normal. To clear the 
database you may also try "dpkg --clear-avail", then do a new "apt-get 

BTW: I recommend using aptitude instead of apt. It is state-of-the-art and 
much better.

Have fun!


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