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Re: Serveur with encrypted partition : 2 steps boot.

Le 22/04/2013 01:19, Bob Proulx a écrit :
Erwan David wrote:
Ok, here is a policy-rc.d which does not work :
Since I led you down this road I set up a test system.  I have been
using policy-rc.d in chroots seemlingly forever and they definitely
work there.  They definitely prevent package upgrades from starting

   invoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of restart.

But that is through dpkg and postinst scripts.  When I set up a test
VM system and booted it I was shocked to find that it didn't work.
Just like you found the daemons were still started at boot time.

   Starting Postfix Mail Transport Agent: postfix.

Am I completely misunderstanding the documentation on this?  Maybe.
If so then I am sorry for misleading you along with me.  I am
researching the problem.  I think this is completely against the
documented interface.


I added some traces in my policy-rc.d (to a file in /root), and got the following resullt : boot does not use it (should be startpar), /sbin/service does not use it, only invoke-rc.d, which seems to be only used in postinst for restarting a service.

My solution for the moment is to disable those services (thus losing the information about their starting order) through update-rc.d disable (which also means each upgrade will now get polluted by messages saying their start runlevel are different from default) and starting them from my encrypted partition mounting script.

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