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Serveur with encrypted partition : 2 steps boot.

I need to setup a distant server where some services store their data
on an encrypted disk. I'd like to be able to reboot server, which
should then start a minimal set of services (including ssh), which
would allow me to then mount the encrypted disk through an ssh
connection, and start the services which need the encrypted disk to be

I'd like to do it in a way which would not disturb standard debian
tools nor packages upgrade.

My solutions so far are :

1) use a centos/fedora, where I can have services not automatically
started at boot which I can start manually through 
service myserv start (it generally do not work in debian since
/etc/init.d.myserv will check in /etc/default wether to start service
or not)

2) add at the beginning of each /etc/init.d/myserv a test to stop if
the encrypted partition is not mounted

Neither of those solutions seems acceptable for me.

So if someone has an idea, I'm listening.

Thanks everybody.

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