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Re: what's your Debian uptime?

Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> Well I wouldn't go that far but I have taken the insert of a matchbox
> cut a slot in it and stuck it over the power button so that when
> reaching round the back there is no way of holding it down by accident.

Protecting the power switch from accidentally switching off is good
operating practice.  I wouldn't consider that unusual at all.

It reminds me of another humorous story...  Remember that comedy is
someone else's tragedy.

During a critical turn-on session while working at a large corporate
america company there were three of us working on a new product.  This
was attached to a rack of computers and test equipment.  Schedule was
tight and late and expensive.  It was quite a tense time.  It was long
nights and little sleep for days.

One of the managers came over to check on the progress.  While there
he casually put up a hand and leaned against the rack as one might do
against a wall.  But it wasn't a wall and he pushed against and
tripped the big red emergency power off switch on the rack!  And we
had just gotten everything set up to the point that we were getting
past a critical debug item.  And of course everything needed to be
fsck'd and the case carefully set up again.  It cost us a couple of
hours at least and after several late nights.  Argh!

The next day I arrived to see that one of the techs had cut a piece of
pvc pipe large enough to surround the switch.  The pipe was now fixed
around the power switch and protected it from someone leaning up
against it.  You could still push the button but you had to be
intentional about it.

For years after that managers were barred from the test lab during
product turn-on.


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