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Re: vnc server

ChadDavis <chadmichaeldavis@gmail.com> wrote:
> Clarification.  Are you saying that some vnc servers serve up a remote
> login to a new session, while others simply share an existing gnome
> session?

Yes. vino shares the existing Gnome session (see System > Preferences >
Remote Desktop). I'm sure there's an equivalent for KDE but I'm afraid I
don't know what it might be. More generally, x0vncserver (x0vnc4server)
shares the current desktop regardless of the desktop environment or
window manager in use. vncserver (vnc4server) creates a new session for
the remote user.

If you're also a Windows person it's like the difference between using
Remote Desktop to connect to a server in the usual fashion, and using
it to connect to that server's console. (However, with RD connecting
to the console, the console user gets locked out. With VNC the console
gets shared.)

For variety, there's also XDMCP, which allows your system to provide a
full X11 Window session for remote displays (just like it used to be!),
or you can drop an entry into /etc/inetd.conf (xinetd...) that spawns
a new session when you vnc to that port.


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