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Re: spamassassin and detailed logs

Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> How about piping the email through:
>   | spamassassin -d -t -D 2>&1 | less
> That will produce a summary at the bottom with the points from each
> rule that fired.  Is that good enough?

Thanks for the suggestion, however there are several problems with this.  
Firstly I often don't have access to the message in question (the user reports 
"someone tried to send me email this morning and it failed").  Next some 
SpamAssassin tests use data from the Internet (DNSBLs etc) and thus can give 
different results when run at different times.  Finally what I want is something 
really quick and easy, just grep the logs and see where the problem was.

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