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spamassassin and detailed logs

spamd: result: . 1 - 

Currently I'm getting log entries like the above from SpamAssassin.

spamd: result: . 1 - 

I want to see something like the above with numbers for each test so I can 
easily determine why the total was determined.  I know that I can search 
through the SA configuration for each test, but this is time consuming and has 
the problem that the SA configuration might not do what I want.

add_header all Status "_YESNO_, score=_SCORE_ required=_REQD_ 
tests=_TESTSSCORES_ autolearn=_AUTOLEARN_ version=_VERSION_"

According to the below URL adding the above to local.cf should give the result 
I want.  But on Debian/Wheezy it doesn't.  Can anyone give me a pointer?



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