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Re: prettify audacious? - sid, xfce desktop

On 4/14/13, Eike Lantzsch <zp6cge@gmx.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 14 April 2013 02:28:16 Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> The screenshot on http://www.audacious-media-player.org/ looks rather
>> nice.
>> Running audacious looks ugly - plain gray GTK ui.
>> How do I make my audacious look like the screenshot?
>> TIA
>> Zenaan
> View -> Interface preferences, chose from whatever is there

Only plain ugly GTK and nearly all black "Winamp".

So I googled, and found a nice skin:

which page also tells me about ~/.local/share/audacious/skins and
yet copying the extracted downloaded skin above, into either
directory, and restarting audacious, no new options.

Also, I see in /usr/share/audacious/Skins/ is already a few skins, yet
these don't appear in my menu.

Same problem whether I start from shell, or menu.


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