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Re: netinstall size?

agroconsultor0 wrote:
On 04/13/2013 09:19 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
As a *nix neophyte myself I'll guess he doesn't realize
that "... looking for a small image, under 210 MB..." can
be read multiple ways:
A. the downloaded image is less than 210 MB.
B. the image as installed to a local drive is less than 210 MB.
C. a functional system occupies less than 210 MB on a local drive.
D. the RAM required to load/run a installation is less than 210 MB.

I would also suggest he give the motivation for asking the
question - it would help flag unstated/unrecognized


Very smart Debian users in this list:
Are you Schizophrenic?

Not that I know ;/

you are not reading, you are imagining; but please continue
dreaming! just stay in your territory please.

I suspect the answer to my question is "A".
If you are looking for a small initial download, you will not find anything smaller than the netinst ISO. The Debian Team did a cost benefit analysis and came to a conclusion on how to spend finite resources.

P.S. my reply to address is valid.

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