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Le 08.04.2013 23:18, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
On Mon, 2013-04-08 at 13:35 -0700, Weaver wrote:
Are we saying that the policy by which devs are included into core
function needs looking at, from a Q.A. viewpoint?
Do we even have one?
If not, this may very well be a good place to start.

I'm against Quality Assurance, IMO Linux needs an intelligence service
and agents with the licence to kill (LTK v1.0), no GNU GPL and no BSD
beer licences anymore. The FSF needs a defence of the constitution and an army. And the community needs a leader, ideal would be somebody with
a beard. We should test suspect people. It's said that Windows folks
can't be drown, so we should tie up those people and throw them into a river. If they should drown, they are innocent and they will wake up in the fields of Elysium were 72 virgin penguins are already waiting. To be honest, in reality they aren't 72 virgin penguins, but 72 virgin women dressed up like Beastie. I'm not kidding. You know why Debian has got a BSD port? It's a sexism conspiracy, the next step will be that Beastie
the BSD mascot will replace Tux and all female *nix users must wear
Beastie wear.

Wait!! What???
I'm horrified by what you are actually telling!!

How could there be 72 virgins, when the obvious number is 42??
Oh, I understand now... YOU ARE POSSESSED BY REDEMOND !!!
Brothers and Sisters, we should purify the victim of Hell Gates named Ralf Mardorf, of he will drive us outside the holy road of the PENGNUIN!

To find more of those apostates, and led them into our right path of truth anew, I propose the foundation of a holy organization named pengnuisition. This organization will also have the sanctified role to purify heretics who refuse to follow the path of the remaining 42 lost lights that our prophets Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman gave us, but were stolen by the cursed redemond when he convinced basic users to open the window to reach and eat an apple, when they were warned that it was the devil's fruit of hidden stuff!

When we will retrieve and unite all of the sacred laws, we will see the great source code of universe, and all our programmers will start the final battle against all bugs, memory leaks, security failures, obfuscation and other redemond's limbs... This is why we must only teach Python, Bash and C programming, and forgot all other cursed languages, to purify our minds!

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