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Re: NAS raid with Debian?

Rick Thomas <rbthomas@pobox.com> wrote:
> Are there any readily available, inexpensive (US$200-500), NAS  
> (Network Attached Storage) boxes in the 1-3TB capacity that are  
> capable of running Debian and NFS?

Roll your own with an HP Proliant microserver (the N40L series that are
just being replaced). I bought mine for about £120 a couple of months
ago. Add a pair of 3TB disks also at £100 each. Add more memory (it comes
with 2GB; I replaced that with 8GB) and a second NIC if required. Power
usage is fairly steady at 7W. The resulting cost is towards your upper
end but it's a (very) good piece of kit.

Or a lower-end QNAP, which runs Linux (but not Debian
specifically). Again, you'll need to add a pair of 3TB disks.


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