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Re: NAS raid with Debian?

On 04/04/2013, at 6:24 PM, Rick Thomas <rbthomas@pobox.com> wrote:

On Apr 3, 2013, at 6:05 PM, Nigel Roberts wrote:

As above, the iomega ix2-200 meets these requirements, and I only paid about AUD$280 for mine including 2x1TB disks 2 years ago. You can probably get them even cheaper these days. They were much cheaper than equivalent QNap or Synology boxes at the time. I'm experimenting with BTRFS on mine at the moment, which seems to work at least as well as EXT4+RAID 1 for my work loads.


Thanks! Nigel,

That sound about like what I'm looking for.

Amazon has the Iomega 35550 StorCenter IX2 2 bay 4TB (2x2TB) for US$333.  This seems to be a newer model of the one you have.  Some of the reviews sound pretty good.  Though, there were a few reviews complaining about DOAs.

You don't want this one (ix2). This is based on the older Orion chipset and I can't say how fast it will be.

Are there instructions for putting Debian on it, assuming there's nothing about the 35550 that might cause problems?

Funny you should ask ;) I blogged about it here: Installing Debian to disk on an ix2-200.

They also have the Iomega 35427 StorCenter ix2-200 2 TB (2 x 1TB) for US$289.  Is this the model you have?

That's it. It's a pity the 6TB/4TB versions of the ix2-200 are so much more expensive.


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