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Re: Scratchy sound with debian wheezy on ASUS A73B series

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On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 11:44:34AM +1300, Joel Wirāmu Pauling wrote:
> I have been getting this on various machines (FX890 Chipsets(AMD),
> Sandybridge Machines - others) with all recent kernels from around 3.1
> onwards. There must have been a commit affecting the snd_hda_intel
> driver as this is the commonality between them.
> Trying to bisect what comit  will be difficult. There are several
> module params to try and it appears to be something to do with buffers
> as the issue only seems to crop up at the start of audio streams. I.e
> if I fast forward/play another stream etc then it seems to right
> itself.
> There are several module parms you can try to resolve the issue if
> this is the same:
> parm:           index:Index value for Intel HD audio interface. (array of int)
> parm:           id:ID string for Intel HD audio interface. (array of charp)
> parm:           enable:Enable Intel HD audio interface. (array of bool)
> parm:           model:Use the given board model. (array of charp)
> parm:           position_fix:DMA pointer read method.(-1 = system
> default, 0 = auto, 1 = LPIB, 2 = POSBUF, 3 = VIACOMBO, 4 = COMBO).
> (array of int)
> parm:           bdl_pos_adj:BDL position adjustment offset. (array of int)
> parm:           probe_mask:Bitmask to probe codecs (default = -1).
> (array of int)
> parm:           probe_only:Only probing and no codec initialization.
> (array of int)
> parm:           jackpoll_ms:Ms between polling for jack events
> (default = 0, using unsol events only) (array of int)
> parm:           single_cmd:Use single command to communicate with
> codecs (for debugging only). (bool)
> parm:           enable_msi:Enable Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) (bint)
> parm:           power_save:Automatic power-saving timeout (in second,
> 0 = disable). (xint)
> parm:           power_save_controller:Reset controller in power save
> mode. (bool)
> parm:           align_buffer_size:Force buffer and period sizes to be
> multiple of 128 bytes. (bint)
> parm:           snoop:Enable/disable snooping (bool)

Interesting, thanks for the info. What file did you find these in, or is
it a secret?  It's probably in the kernel source doc package?

Is there some info on how to use them? A file name/url would be good.

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