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Re: Quest: Moving IDE drives between machines

IIUC it's a Linux machine, no Windows installed? The OP just experienced
issues with MS-DOS in the past.

If there was only one IDE HDD in the old machine, aka hda and only this
drive should be mounted to the new machine, what ever fstab entries
there are, they will be ok for the new machine too. So there would be no
need to take care about UUID or labels or something like that and there
would be no order for the devices, no hdb.

Unlikely that the old machine was 64-bit and the new machine will be
32-bit, so no architecture issue.

IMO only the graphics could be an issue, perhaps other drivers too, but
it's less likely.

If the graphics should need another driver, startup will finish in tty1
and fixing it shouldn't cause much trouble.

No data loss, no smoke, nothing evil should happen.

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