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Re: Failing to install virt-manager on Sid

Le 30.11.2012 18:43, Alan Chandler a écrit :
I am trying to install virt-manager on sid, but I am getting a
dependancy blockage which I don't understand

virt-manager ultimately depends on libvirt0 - which seems to have
version (0.9.12-5) in the sid repository

libvirt0 depends on libnetcf1 - however libnetcf1 says it needs at
least 0.10.1-2

I can see that experimental has that version, but its does not seem
to be able to get into sid.  I am not sure why

Is there a freeze or something on.

Hum. Let me say, first, that my words will *NOT* be very accurate, because for some reasons I am not in my "usual mind". It includes acid words, but, please, do not take care of that.

This said, I will try to explain what I think is your problem.

Sid is the broken version of Debian, you should know that. The easiest solution for you is to use apt-pinning, which means things can be broken quite often.

Now, should I describe apt-pinning?
That's easy:
you set more than one source in your /etc/apt/sources.list file (it includes sources.list.d folder)
and you write a /etc/apt/preferences files.

I'll be gentle, here is a link that I did not read: http://linux.die.net/man/5/apt_preferences

PS: I'm very sorry if my words are hard. I am in a strange "mind state" and in english I am not able to be really sure about implicit meanings of my words. I apologize in advance for any harsh speaks or whatever

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