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Re: Kobo or Kindle

On 29 November 2012 15:36, Kelly Clowers <kelly.clowers@gmail.com> wrote:
On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Beco <rcb@beco.cc> wrote:
> Dear fellows,

I have a Kobo and I like it pretty well. One issue I do have is that
browsing through a large collection of books is a real pain. You can
sort by title or author, but that is it, no support for a folder
structure or similar. The Kobo software work well on wine, I think
they are supposed to put out a Linux native version at some point (it
uses QT4). For Kobo you only need to install their software, not
Adobe, though Adobe works ok in Wine as well.

Have you tried using Calibre?  I did not need any Kindle software on my Debian computer to manage my Kindle. Calibre does it all for me.

Kobo at least is pretty terrible for PDFs. Slow, badly sized text, no
reflow...Fundamentally PDF is not a good format for ebooks. I don:t
know if the experience is better on a Kindle or similar.

Same on Kindle except when you format pdf for A6 pages.

I had some success converting pdf's to mobi format - escpecially when it was created with latex with hyperref. I think Calibre first try to convert it to html and then to epub or mobi or whatever format you prefer.


Can't help with the remote stuff. Maybe Kindle's wispernet would be useful?

I have a Kindle Touch.  I do not use whispernet, but my local home wifi-network and it works very nicely.  I can even send documents by email to the Kindle or even from my Macbook' s Desktop using Amazon's "Send to Kindle" software.  And then you can choose to which Kindle you want to send it. I and my wife have both Kindles registered on the same account at Amazon.  Then I also have a software Kindle on my mobile phone and on my macbook.  I can use Send-to-Kindle to send a file to all of them.

I find it surprising that people are recommending tablets and
phones... IMHO phone are next to useless for any serious amount of
book reading, they are just too small, and the tablets have the
battery life issue. That is what is great about an ereader, you charge
it like once a week tops.

I charge my Kindle once about once in a month or month and a half.


Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself,
my lips will praise you.  (Psalm 63:3)

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