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Re: Ubuntu one login @ Win7

> I could install Ubuntu one on my win7 but cannot
> login to my account with it. It says: Login failed.
> Also on ubuntu it was not quite free of problems,
> but it worked.
> Does anyone here use ubuntu one on win7 or win xp?
> How is your experience?
> Is it a beta project?

Just one question, why are you asking about Ubuntu on a Debian list?

But to answer to your questions anyway:

You are installing another operating system.
It means that it have a completely different setup, and same for
identification parameters.
It is exactly like you had 2 computers. There are some ways to let them
communicate, but not for things like global configuration.

Ubuntu is not free of problems, you are right. As all operating systems in
fact .(for any windows, you will have less performances for many
hardwares, by example, and difficulties to maintain the system up-to-date.
For linux distributions, you could have some drivers less efficient than
their windows counterpart, and depending on the distribution, things might
break with an update.)

No, Ubuntu is not a beta project. But it is based on a special version of
Debian which is not advised for professional uses. But as far as I know,
Ubuntu make some customizations on it.

You could have more detailed replies on the good mailing-list, aka an
Ubuntu one.

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