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OT: vacuum tubes nowadays - Does Debian dictionary/glossary/acronym list exist?

On Wed, 2012-11-28 at 15:58 -0500, Wally Lepore wrote:
> Source: RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-30

Winfried Knobloch "Röhrentechnik ganz modern" among others used by the
holder of a famous German company for some kind of audio tube equipment,
that is used by all famous recording studios, all over this planet.
People from Germany interested in developing tube equipment, should take
a look at this book. Tubes aren't dead, but some, especially very small
tubes aren't available today, only from storage from the past, but this
also happened with the grandios CEM/Curtis ICs. Yes, a well known man
let produce those ICs for his company, but they aren't available on the
marked, if you want to repair old audio equipment using those ICs.

Even ICs die out and tubes are still used for brand new developed
professional audio equipment. OTHO a lot of amateur audio equipment
based on tubes is less good, than a discrete transistor based circuit.

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