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Re: Does Debian dictionary/glossary/acronym list exist?

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
> What do I do when I find terms such as initrd or udeb ?

Hi Richard,

You may have already found your answer but here are a few links I
discovered that may provide additional support.

In regards to udeb:



In regards to initrd:



> And before I get too much grief from youngsters - From personal experience
> do you have any clue of relevance of CORC, CUPL, WATFOR, WATFIV, 026, 12AX7,
> etc, etc ;/ ?

Ah yes...I am also from the era when vacuum tubes ruled the earth! I
had 12AX7's in my Dynaco stereo 'pas 3' pre-amp and currently in
numerous tube guitar amps. 12AX7's are also known as ECC83.

Basic 12AX7 specs (not complete):
High-MU Twin Triode
Each triode unit is independent of the other except for the common heater.
Used as Phase Inverters or twin resistance coupled amplifiers in radio
equipment. Also used in stereo and musical instrument amplifiers.
Heater voltage: Series 12.6 volts   Parallel: 6.3
Peak value: +/- 200 volts
Average value: 100 volts
Class A1
Maximum ratings (Design Maximum Values)
Plate voltage: 330
Grid voltage: 55

Source: RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-30

Be well Richard

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