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Re: time zone and UTC issue [BIOS]

I guess there's a language barrier.

Those two files were not saved with Linux and not saved with Windows,
they were saved by the BIOS:

spinymouse@q:~$ ls -l /media/spinymouse/INTENSO/*.CMO
-rw-r--r-- 1 spinymouse spinymouse 304 Oct 22  2011 /media/spinymouse/INTENSO/B22OCT11.CMO
-rw-r--r-- 1 spinymouse spinymouse 304 Sep 30  2011 /media/spinymouse/INTENSO/B30SEP11.CMO

This are the settings of the BIOS.

There is no time shown, but the date depends to the time.

If I would use UTC, how should I ensure that the date would be correct
for Germany? Yes, by the file name, but the date for the files could be
If I use local time, the BIOS can save the correct date and it won't
harm Linux. Even if it would cause a wrong time for Linux, I could run
ntpdate and the Linux time would be correct.
So, UTC has got an disadvantage and local time has got no disadvantage.

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