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Re: time zone and UTC issue [rant]

On Wed, 2012-11-28 at 11:48 -0600, green wrote:
> Ralf Mardorf wrote at 2012-11-28 11:04 -0600:
> > If I save BIOS settings as a file and the hwclock is set to UTC, the
> > files don't get the German time. The BIOS is the BIOS, it's neither
> > Windows, I don't use Windows, but nor the BIOS is Linux, so Linux can't
> > "translate" UTC to local time, when I save BIOS settings.
> > 
> > Under Linux I never noticed any disadvantage, when the hwclock is set to
> > local time. Why should there be issues?
> Linux uses UTC.  Local time is always changing based on time zones and 
> daylight saving time.  Using UTC for the hardware clock (BIOS clock) is the 
> correct way and works.  If you are having trouble with using UTC for the 
> hardware clock, then it is probably because (1) Windows (if you dual boot) is 
> changing the time, or (2) you have (or someone/something has) configured 
> Linux to use local time for the hardware clock, which is possible though not 
> recommended.

In the sentence from me above I've wrtten taht I don't use Windows.

I haven't written that I would get issues when using UTC, but I also
don't get issues, when I'm using local time.

Nobody did explain how the BIOS should save files with German time, if
the clock is set to UTC.

Again, some people have a BIOS and do use it ;). Some people save BIOS
settings to e.g. USB. No Linux, no Windows, it's just the BIOS.

If the clock does use local time, then the time for all BIOS and all
Linux files are ok.

If the clock is set to local time, then the time for the BIOS files is
wrong, only the files for Linux are ok.

So, what is better?

All files have the wanted, correct time or just Linux files have the
correct time?

Don't mention Windows again and again.

Do you have a BIOS or have you some magic Linux replacement for the


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