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Re: Thunderbird not working with Dovecot

mouss grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> Le 21/11/2012 04:44, David Guntner a écrit :
>> It never did this with the IMAP server that I was using on my old
>> system....
>> My mail reader in my smart phone works just fine with it, BTW. :-)
>> I googled a bit and found a note about setting a Thunderbird
>> work-around in the dovecot.conf file and applied that, but it
>> didn't make any difference.
>> Any ideas what's causing this?  More importantly, any ideas how to
>> FIX it? :-)
> I can confirm that I have never had problems with TB + dovecot, and I
> can tell you that many people use this combination. so if you have a
> problem, then it's a local issue.
> Can you try with a TB from another network? this is to make sure you
> don't have a misbehaving FW/proxy/whatever in your path.

The problem is solved, though for a rather silly reason IMO. :-)

Now, to reprise - the problem was with Thunderbird and messages which
were showing bold in the message list (I.E. were flagged as unread).
Clicking on the message caused things to hang.  If I clicked off of the
bold message, it would then switch to non-bold (read), and the Dovecot
log would show another connection being established with an additional
login.  Returning to the newly-read message displayed the message just
fine.  This was happening consistently with my Windows desktop system.

Well, over the course of last weekend, I was traveling and used my
laptop, which also uses Thunderbird.  It worked without a hitch.  No
problems, no hangups, it worked exactly as it should have.

I realized at that point that the *only* difference between the two is
that since the laptop travels, I've always had it configured to connect
on port 993 and encrypt the connection (SSL/TLS).  Whereas the desktop,
being on the home network and not needing so much protection, was
connecting to port 143 and was not using any encryption at all.  The
minute I changed TB to go the encrypted, port 993 route, the problem
magically went away there as well!  I have NO idea why an unencrypted
port 143 connection caused that weird problem (as I said before, the
previous IMAP server I had been using did not cause this issue).  And
frankly, at this point, I don't *care*. <grin>  I'm just happy the
flipping thing is working now. :-)

Thanks to all those who had suggestions to help out with this!


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